Selasa, 21 September 2010

by what we give alms

Returning from Abu Dhar. Said:

Prophet, in which the friend said: "O Prophet of the group is rich reward for their purchase. To pray as we pray, we fast, as fast, give alms, but the advantages of wealth" is.

, Said: "God does not sedekahkan what you can do! Probably all versions of prayer is not charity, charity tahmid every prophet there is no charity, send Courtesy of charity and the charity was your spouse ".

Question is "God, a messenger that should reward any syahwatnya? If

He said, "What, your opinion on when the forbidden place, I think given what his sins? Also, when the legal grounds of the winning put" (story started by a Muslim)

Abu Hurairah to the. Said:
Messenger. He said: "Every human spine disedekahi Sunday day is still needed. Up to 2 persons (in war) is a charity, to help peace between vehicles mengangkatkan or things you would be able to mount a charity in the streets, speak to a charity in each phase leg is swinging his mosque to a charity and removing barriers to the road is charity. "(Bukhari and Muslim narratives)

Abu Dhar r.a. He said: the Prophet said: "charity is a duty on the morning of each joint. And copy of each charity, and the messenger of God (La ilaha illallah each is a charity, and every tahmid alms, alms, and all interpretation, and that charity is good, and to prevent unemployment, and want to replace and all only 2 raka 'in Dhuha is voluntary. (narration by Muslim)

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