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Mysterious helper

A man rushed at dusk fell over night change, ablution. Invitation to resonate with beautiful adzan meet in heaven.

"God is great! Voice of the man began his prayer.

He enthusiastically God once to practice their religious rituals. Visible signs of wrinkles in the forehead prostration. In sujudnya, and said that he drowned in the series by series, to pray. After prayers. While he lay on mat stunned and tears, and begged forgiveness of God.

And men at night, when he rose to the top, just moved from the mat.

"It seems it was getting late whispered ...,".

Ali El Abidine zine, the man walked towards the warehouse full of expert religious food ingredients. Also opened the door of the property to a warehouse. And then release the pouches flour, wheat and other food ingredients.

The center of the pitch black night, and Ali Zine El Abidine involves a sack of flour and wheat on the back of weak and thin. Travel in Madinah Transport bag, and put it on the door for people who need to house them.

At this point, a calm and free, and people fall asleep, Zine El Abidine Ali, and give alms to the poor in the corners of Medina.

"Praise be to God ... and landfill property actually tell the person who is right," said Ali Zine El Abidine. Relieved her heart to perform the operation before dawn. Before people woke up from his dream.

People cried when daylight appears, with the benefit of a bag of flour in front of the door.

H, I have put this bag wheat! " Shouted the people who get mad.

"Fortunes of God has come! Someone brought us!" We welcome others.

So did the next night, Ali El Abidine Zine always send bags of food to the poor. With the looming move to a state of control when he went in the middle of the night. He put the bag just before the doors to people who are starving.

"Really! Wellness and we darikesengsaraan and hunger! Because the lawyer who does not know!" The poor man when morning comes.

"Yes! Treasure God gives double rescuers ...," one friend.

From a distance, and Ali Zine El Abidine to hear all the people who get on the news a bag of flour. His heart was grateful to God. Because, and by giving alms to the poor wealth is not impaired so far the results of agricultural trade and Ali El Abidine Zine increase profits.

Nobody knows where bags of food? Who delivered?

The Zine El Abidine Ali was happy to see the poor in his town, not kelaparn experience. He has always find information on those who are in distress. Last night, he immediately sent bags of food for them.

That night as usual, Ali Zine El Abidine have a bag of flour over his shoulder. And left under cover of darkness. Suddenly, without guessing a person jumped from the bushes. Then block!

"Oh, let all your tax: If you do not ...," masked men threatened a sharp knife into the neck of Ali Zine El Abidine.

When he surprised a bit overwhelming. He realized that he was being robbed. "Come quickly! Where is his money?" Malfunction of this man swung a knife.

"I am ... I just ...," the bottom of the bag on his shoulders, then threw the bag maximum text thief. And expand to make a masked man on the ground firmly. And found that they could make him a gestational sac can not move. Ali quickly pulled mask on his face. Could be that this person does not go on fighting.

"Who are you?" Asked Ali, and consider in light of the man.

"Forgive me, sir .... not torment me ... I was just a poor slave fears ...," he said.

"Why did you take me?" Ask Ali at a later date.

"And forgive me and I had to steal because my children starve," she said, looking pale.

Ali's body to release the bag struck the man. Breathless. Ali had no heart for further questioning.

"Forgive me, Mr. President, I'm sorry I hurt ...

"Good, you can leave, and please bring a sack meal for your kids. You're in trouble, is not it?" Said Ali.

Some of the time, people were silenced. Go to astonishment.

"Now I am home!" Said Ali.

Immediately the man sat in front of Ali, and tears.

"Mr. President, thank you! Master is very good and noble, I repent to God ... I promise I will not repeat it," said the man sadly.

Ali smiled and nodded.

"O people merdekakan repent! Who am I even in the way of Allah! Really, God is merciful." The man was grateful to God. And presented a gift to him because he has repented for his mistake.

"Ali and I ask, do not tell anyone about your meeting with me at night ...," he said before his departure." Enough pray that God forgives all sins of my country, "continued Ali.

The man kept his promise. He said he did not occur to anyone that was one of those who were sent bags of food to the poor.

When a Zine El Abidine death. People who have been released immediately bertakziah over to her house. United to bathe his body with people.

These people see black marks on his back on the shoulders of the body. They even ask.

"How long will this black mark?"

"It was the old bags of flour, usually made of 100 houses in Medina," said convertible with a sense of passion.

Only those who know where it came from a source of livelihood they get it. With the death of Ali Zine El Abidine are ordinary families to donate, which was lost.

And the conversion and then raised his arms, he prayed, "God forgives sins Ali Bin Al Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib, the grandson of the Prophet.
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