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Rich and go to heaven

The Abi 'Abdallah bin Tsauban Bujdad The Messenger of Allah. He said: "Dinar line is the dinar to someone that he spends for his family, the dinar he spends spent on his car on the way of Allah, and he infakkan dinars to his colleagues (fighting) in Allah's way." (Muslim)

In the book Nuzhatul-Muttaqin (work righteous Riyadush-Sharh An-Nawawi Imam) Hadith is that the wealth ranking mentioned priority issues (explained infak) that provides a living for a family infak noble. worth mentioning in another Hadith:

"Dinar infakkan you in Allah's way, that is for infakkan Dinar (mememerdekakan) slave, whom you infakkan dinars to the poor, and you infakkan dinars for the family, the most prominent among them, that you dinar infakkan your family." (Muslim )

For each distribution, which is of course impossible for a person if berinfak not good. This involved the more so when we look at the verses of the Quran commands us to jihad. obliged them to always compare between the spirit of jihad to fight jihad with their wealth obligations. From strings to try all that we strive with their wealth and lives commands to it, have their wealth always takes precedence, except in one verse, the sale is 111 Surah At-Taubah, which meant:

"Allah is aware of the believers their lives and property through the acquisition of a sky bought for her. They fight in Allah's way, then they will kill or be killed."

The rest, hartalah ex. Consider the following arguments:

"O faithful people, is willing to give you a bargain that save you from a grievous adzab. They believe in Allah and His Messenger and striving in the path of Allah denganh wealth and your souls. (Ash-pit: 10-11)

This commitment is reinforced by Zaka. In this issue there is a feeling on the part of Muslims. Zaka obligations often means this: If you have a treasure zakatlah, and if not, must not be expended Zaka. In the case of this understanding is correct. But its spirit is the Spirit of resignation from the circumstances. Spirit of charity should understand the command: find the money to collect the treasure in order to execute God's command is, Zaka. We need to bring the spirit of prayer, which are used for charitable purposes. We always thought we should be able to fight lead prayer with each impact. By Aura start looking for cover looking for a place of prayer that determine the direction of the Qibla, cleaned well, and so on.

That's all from the assumption that some people still respected kesalihan and piety, the same as the poverty, misery, misery and oppression. It is as if only the poor, commoners, and a good live tertindaslah sky. Instead of the rich and people who work have no place in heaven. This will gave out frequent hadith da'eef disitirnya (light) or maudhu (false) complicated because the message to stay away from the world, as far juahnya of piety and holiness of the soul. Or maybe as saheeh hadeeth about the ascetic understanding misquoted.

Devotion is not identical with empty hands. Piety wants careful with what Allah SWT. Piety is the lack of connections with wealth and the liver. The fact that he was satisfied with what God has given and in the liver by eliminating the connections with its wealth a person wealth and position, this would not invalidate the nature of an ascetic.

Uthmaan ibn 'Affan is conglomerates and rich. The companions of the prophet are. guaranteed in the sky. 'Abd ar-Rahman bin' Auf. He was successful in business and became a wealthy businessman. After all, he is also a guaranteed entry into heaven. Umar bin Abdul '-' Aziz, had the Caliph. But it is exactly ascetic.

Treasures of Islam in the same position with the position of poverty: as a test for people. With the prosperity of the people in the sky, and people with wealth can go to hell. The poverty of people in extreme poverty, air, and people can go to hell. The whole test! Allah SWT. declared,

"And we try to provide you with evil and the good, (what ever) as a test." (Al-Anbiya: 35)

Messenger. said:

"The real world is sweet and green. And behold, God give you a caliph in the first test () made to do. Thus, careful with the world and be careful with women. Because the children of Israel is really in the defamation Women. "(Reported by Muslim)

So, not a religious person, but the people elected to the property to be handed out the examination of the Treasury. An individual is a cross when it comes to real estate:

* Take legal means to obtain wealth.

On the day of Judgement, everyone will take the responsibility of the property, where he is and in what way? It is the first criterion. Messenger. said:

And verily, Allah commanded the believers to lead the apostles. He said: "O send, eat well and do good, because salehlah kamlian sessungguhnya I know what to do." He also said: "O people, the good faith belief that the food we have given you." And the Messenger of Allah. Explained for people who travel a long, messy and dusty. It mengadakahkan both hands (prayer) in the sky (saying): "O Lord, Lord, and his food is haram, forbidden to drink his clothing unlawful, and driven by banned because his prayers are offered." (Muslim)

* Fortune is arrogant caused

Who suksus treasure is the person who manages the ownership is just that humble and realize that everything for a deposit or a mandate from God. Abdur Rahman bin on ', although people who are never guaranteed to go to heaven in tears when he eat a delicious meal before him. When asked, she was crying cause she replied, "only I'm afraid that I am in this world, which was enjoyed ganjaranku of God."

* As a framework to draw closer to God.

The Prophet said: "The best of the treasures, the pious in the present is pious." He told us, "when to refrain from hell and only the date."

He * was the framework for the friendship.

Infaq is good. And infaq relative is better. For perbauatan next taqarrub valid was also an attempt friendship. Messenger. said the people is Sadaqah misikin shadaqah shadaqah and for people who have uterine relations (are) two shadaqah: shadaqah and shilah (tie),. "(At-Tirmidhi)

* A framework to be struggling.

Islamic war is clearly not possible without financial support. The Power of infidels must be confronted with an optimal strength of Muslims. And this is certainly one that kekutan maliyyah power (financially).

This was part of Islamic teachings on wealth. So, a rich man, have the fear? "God knows best.

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