Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

When Doom Met We do what we must

The night air was piercing cold. Tears trickle, to flow away. Given the death could come at any time. Even if God wills that this minute we die, then even this second we die and we can not reject it. We can not do anything, even if we ran Valentine world, death still pick us up.

House suddenly filled with tears. Our children cry. The couple live we cry. Our Parents
cry. Colleagues, relatives, neighbors, they all cried. We can only silence, our body is washed, shrouded, then disholatkan. Finish the prayer of our body is inserted casket. Lifted and carried keliang grave. Sobs lacks the people we love.

Our bodies are derived diliang grave-sized body. Tilted toward the Qiblah. Covered with boards. Stay ourselves in darkness, alone and lonely. No one was willing to accompany us. Even the most loving people we are even going to leave us. It is only our good deeds during life on earth who accompanied us. Charitable goodness that's become our lunch.

'If someone has an urgent breath until dikerongkongan and said to Him. 'Who can heal you? " and he was sure that it really was time parting with the world has arrived and link left calf and right calf. to your Lord was in that day ye driven away. " (Surah al-Qiyamaah: 26-30).

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