Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Tackling the role of leader of the Nation Crisis

Al-Qur'an perpetuated in many of the verses of a character / community leader from the Ummah, ummah earlier, not only the leader, the hero of the struggle of truth and justice like the prophets and apostles, but also immortalized the name of the leader figures tyranny (untruth and injustice) as Pharaoh, Haman, Qorun, Nimrod, and others. We all ummah these last days are invited to think and take a lesson from past history that include how behavior change in leaders (from idealism commitment to fraud) led to the rampant injustice and oppression (unrighteousness and injustice), and finally drag them together with his community into a sea change in where people swallowed by the crisis, which consciously or not their leaders has been a contributing factor. The Qur'an goes on to explain that such things-that they enjoy glorious life turned into a pain-occur due to changes in what they do on the attitudes and behavior that lead to tyranny and oppression (Dzalika bi lam anna God Yaku mughayyiran ni'matan 'an'amaha' ala ma yughayyiru qaumin hatta bi anfusihim, al-Anfal verse 53).

With reference to guide the Qur'an mentioned above, we can see how the leader's role becomes important factor in a change that occurs over the public something of a positive condition to switch to a negative condition. Therefore, prevention efforts are conscious of moral crisis into the base of other crises that has engulfed our nation today, should be starting point of moral reform leadership. This effort should start from cleansing its intent, behavior and morality of the community leaders / holder control in the sectors of community life (clerics and umara). They are expected to develop in each of his personal life, lifestyles Clean, Simple, and Devoted. Even more important for scholars and umara is an effort to make himself (his personal life), an exemplary and reflections are convinced that the implementation of the pattern of life which is Clean, Simple and Devoted which is a concrete manifestation of the sublime morality (morality Noble) was implemented in earnest.

Thus, society will believe in the leader or leaders. BSM lifestyle (Clean, Simple and Serving), it is necessary promoted by pioneering scholars and umara up to become a moral economy, political morality and moral law, and continued effort pengembangannnya in other sectors of life so that in time become Morals Nation and National Moral as a basis for National Development. Umara (Leader of the Government) should seek to create a climate conducive to socialization and dissemination of moral messages (which mainly dealt with the clergy). Also deemed necessary, scholars and umara jointly declared war against corruption in an anti-corruption campaign, which foster ongoing effort to uphold the moral sovereignty become part of popular sovereignty. Insha Allah, Taufiq and his ma'unah will always accompany the Indonesian nation.

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