Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Reaching Love of God

What a beautiful and noble of our lives when having a heart that has no room for hate and hurt others. There was only room smiles and love that never dry, always abundant flow to others. A smile and love anyone who got it refreshes the soul. How beautiful life is when we become a spring that bestows a smile and love.

Everyone always wants to look pretty or handsome. Anything as simple as we are always trying to look beautiful dazzling, eye-catching. But the beauty and good looks are not eternal and immortal. Over time our bodies are weakened and no longer attractive. Batinlah beauty that can only be eternal. That's the beauty of the heart.

Beauty Heart can be owned by anyone. No matter as interesting as anything as simple as anything himself and his appearance. If there are people who have a beautiful heart will radiate to the face, behavior and said he said, a lot of friends who came to approach him, just to stop by and get the coolness of the soul. All feels wonderful to be regarded as sheer beauty lies within that radiates outward. Radiant beauty of the heart that are sought after because it comes from God's Love.

When our lips to smile, smile Could our hearts as well? While the hands give, whether our hearts sincerely to share? Make our hearts that bestow a smile radiates beauty and compassion for others, because only with the abundance of compassion for others we can reach love Allaah.

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