Rabu, 22 September 2010

Wonders and grateful favor

Sometimes, Amalia House, I invited my father, who hit lisansiman. According penuturannya the office where he worked were reduced and employees, and its one of those affected by layoffs. Is the information in terms of 10 years received a single Severance pay grade.

Thus, a figure all smiles and said, 'Thank God, I believe it is God's plan is best for my family and I have come to this lisansiman is why I intend bershodaqoh Amalia children receive Allah bless the Liberation and my family I have. "He said that confidence. Lisansiman be another brother, but believed it was wise of liberalization occurs, a false and based on his life to the Lord himself.

More than a week in paid Severance ending waiting for security such as liquid, which was 75 million. Money spent on operations, thanks to God, God gave them Rizk still plentiful responsible company is currently developing more advanced and already has his own shop. This image of always appreciated. Is donateur happy look good, instead of looking for fun, it is a welcome miracle.

'We would be grateful if someone could add in your benefits. "(Sura Ibrahim: 7).

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